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Dynamic Videos

Discussion Forum

Chapterwise Tests

Multiple courses for an Institution

Text Book References

Course Books

Detailed Analysis

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Bookmark for last minute review

Adaptive Learning

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Onboard your Institute with our One stop LMS Solution

We provide a well-qualified e-Leaning platform to get your students on board and study online. Our new e-learning platform enables your institution to go live with students and take classes online, to conduct examinations, assignments, quizzes, fun interactive sessions and more.

This platform is an excellent package that makes learning fun and more interactive. Customized learning features embedded in it enables one to enjoy the joy of learning.

Give your Institute, the 21st century Edge

Traditional classrooms definately have personal touch, however, with moving times where digital world is moving ahead, it becomes critical to digitize learning infrastructure, which can facilitate Distance learning and also empowers learning from different corners of world

Also, listen to your lectures in your most comfortable language with the multilingual and dyslexic fonts feature. Raise your doubts during live class or after the class on Discussion Forums and Messaging features.

Make learning interactive

Worried about students Interests? Reduced learning time and higher distractions? Our Learning modules, classes and SCORM packages could enable & facilitate interactive sessions. We have made learning fun, by Gamifying learning experiences and having it interactive, which ensures that students remain up and active.

With constant micro modules, discussion forums, mini quizzes and peer-to-peer learning packages, enable and ensure that your classes remain super interesting and fruitful.

What makes our Product Standout?


Our product is whole ecosystem for your Institute! Fully Customized

Most Affordable

We're certain that We provide best resources at lowest prices.

Made for Everyone

Our product empowers smallest of organizations and literally any institute can have it!

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Our Pricing Ranges...

Our product is cheaper than a Burger. Digitized Infrastructure starting from ₹ 29 per month/ per student*!

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